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Born in 1994 and enlisted in air force in 2012. Sent to Iraq in 2014 and climbed the ranks to First Sergeant in 2025. Triggered IED in 2026 and awarded purple heart. Hired by Caronix Co. in 2029.


Vivienne Rousseau is one of two Colony Commanders.


Vivienne Rousseau, one of two Base Commanders, is another decorated veteran. After being honorably discharged with a Purple Heart, Commander Rousseau continued serving her country by taking up the mantle of Base Commander for Caronix-041. Read on to learn more!

Having immigrated with her family from France, Commander Rousseau's career began in New Orleans. Once eligible, Commander Rousseau joined the Air Force. Through hard work and dedication, she climbed the ranks, eventually becoming First Sergeant in 2025. While serving her country, Commander Rousseau was seriously injured in an IED explosion, earning her an honorable discharge and a purple heart for her service. Shortly after adjusting to civilian life, Commander Rousseau applied for Caronix Co., and we knew she'd be just the person to lead Caronix-041 in the right direction!

With a loyal leader like Commander Vivienne Rousseau in charge, Caronix Co. is confident Caronix-041 will be an unparalleled success!