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Born in 1996 and graduated with Master's in Linguistics from Yale in 2020. Hired by Caronix Co. in 2020 and is made part of the Eonerth Project negotiation team.


Tibby Lovell is the Communications Division Commander.


Tibby Lovell, the Communications Division Commander, is a brilliant individual who played a large part in the Eonerth Project’s foundation. Read on to learn more!

Coming from a lineage of dedicated Caronix Co. employees, Commander Lovell has been working alongside Caronix Co. since its inception. Having graduated from Yale with a Master’s in Linguistics, Commander Lovell was placed in charge of brokering an agreement between Caronix Co. and its competitors. This deal was the groundwork of the Eonerth Project, and is what made this entire mission possible!

With such an accomplished career with Caronix Co., Caronix Co. looks forward to what Commander Lovell and its team will accomplish on Caronix-041!