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Thad Virelaras was born June 7, 1999 in the United States. Previously he had selective muteness, which means that he didn't choose to talk except under certain circumstances. However, he has recently began talking more often. He wears a yellow business suit, with a white undershirt and black tie (when working, he wears a jumpsuit underneath). Due to an apparent injury to his leg, he currently walks around with a cane.


Thad works in the Science Division. He has been obsessed over by Dana Ellis and Jane Doe, as well as others on the base, though not as much; he has since appeared to develop a serious, personal relationship with Dana. He hides a mysterious object known only as the Item inside his badge-locked dresser; what its purpose is and how it got on the base is unknown at this time.

His cane was broken during an altercation with Jane involving her, Arth Agrawal, and the Item, by slamming it on the wall next to Jane's head multiple times. On the same day, there were reports that Dana and Thad had been missing for the night. Their whereabouts at that time are not for certain.

On 1/29/2031 Thad was presumed dead.