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Terric-041 is the largest planet in the Eonerth System and owned by Caronix Co. It is the home of the Caronix-041 colony.


From Caronix Co.'s website:

"Terric-041 (property of Caronix Co.) is the largest habitable planet in the Eonerth system. With a gravitational pull much like our own and a vast ocean covering nearly 40% of the planet's surface, we at Caronix Co. are confident that Terric-041 is the best choice for ensuring humanity's survival.

The surface of Terric-041 is covered in rocky terrain, with fetching red sand and rugged mountains as far as the eye can see. Based on footage obtained from our drones, a stunning lavender sea stretches beyond those stony shores."


In 2030, Caronix Co. sent up a team of colonists to the Caronix-041 colony.