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Taehee Lee was born 이태히 in Seoul, South Korea in 2003 to Seungman Lee and Minju Lee. Born with a talent for singing, his mother fostered it at a young age. However, his father, at the time an employee for Exxazon's Korean outsourcing, did not approve. Taehee, at age 14, went on to be scouted by MNET, a large Korean talent organization, and signed as a trainee for 3 years. In 2020, when Charybdis opened, his father was put into overtime work for Exxazon’s space exploration program. Due to a premature powering of the rocket, it exploded, killing his father. This left Taehee and his mother without any major source of income, as Exxazon did not pay for his work-related death. His mother took on multiple jobs to support Taehee, so he decided to quit his music career at MNET to devote it to academics and athletics. During this period, his mom’s depression and anxiety peaked, making it hard for Taehee and his mother to survive on their own. This encouraged Taehee to be a psychiatrist, one that could help his mom. After graduating secondary school at the top of his class, he went on to Northwestern University in Chicago. His education was mainly funded by a benefactor who enjoyed his trainee days at MNET. There he majored in PolySci with a minor in law. Because Tahee’s final goal was to become a psychiatrist, so he applied and was accepted to Yale’s medical program. Studying under Dr. Palla Pakmadhi, Senior Psychiatrist for Exxazon, during his residency, Taehee learned more about Exxazon’s mission and their plans for the future. Taehee despised Exxazon, so none of the values got through to him. He eventually graduated, and immediately applied for Caronix Co. in 2030.


Taehee works for the Navigation Division on Caronix-041, which he joined at the same time as his coworker Glenn Dredd. He is surprised by the lack of musical entertainment, and wants to start a band on Terric-041.

Taehee died after getting into a bar fight with Glenn Dredd on 01/15/2031.

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