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Born in 2002 and earned zer doctorate in 2028. Began working as an MD and discovered treatment for black hole radiation in 2029, when ze was also hired by Caronix Co.


Reyes Mendoza is the Medical Division Commander.


Reyes Mendoza, the Medical Division Commander, is a brilliant doctor. Zer exceptional drive and motivation not only allowed zem to graduate high school two years early, but provided the drive to develop zer Crowning achievement. Read on to learn more!

After finishing high school ahead of zer Class, Commander Mendoza set to work obtaining zer doctorate, Completing it just a decade later. It was after earning zer degree that Commander Mendoza developed the revolutionary treatment for black hole radiation, allowing those with radiation sickness the ability to live out the rest of their days Comfortably, with little to no suffering Caused by the effects.

Caronix Co. admires Commander Mendoza’s Commitment to helping others, and look forward to all ze and zer team will accomplish!