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Born in 1994 and graduated with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2021 from Stanford University. Hired by Caronix Co. in 2023. Designed space suits outfitted with Walker in 2027.


Linton Midgley is the Engineering Division Commander


Linton Midgley, the Engineering Division Leader, is one of the leading innovators of our generation. Having graduated in the top 5 of his class, Commander Midgley continues to astound with his groundbreaking inventions. Read on to learn more!

Commander Midgley is one of the brightest minds to come from Stanford University, and he continues to astound with his incredible inventions and designs! Having designed the space suits to be used by the Survey Division to explore Terric-041, this mission would have been impossible without him. Not only did he design the suits himself and construct the first prototypes, but it was his expertise that provided Caronix Co.’s personal AI that is installed in every suit!

Commander Midgley’s expertise will no doubt be fortuitous to this mission, and Caronix Co. eagerly awaits seeing all he and his Division will accomplish!