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Jane Doe is truly a Jane Doe. The majority of the documentation about her younger childhood has either been erased or destroyed. The foster care system frequently referenced her as Jane Doe due to the lack of paperwork, so she decided to keep the name. She was immediately placed into a loving home at age 15 and enrolled in a public high school. Tragically, her foster family suffered a fatal accident when Jane was 19.

Her previous employment history is unknown, but it is noted that she has traveled internationally. She has claimed to be a mercenary and a contractor. Her criminal history has been redacted due to the sensitive information and details it incases. She is not allowed in 42 states in the US and is wanted in at least 13 countries. She was locked up in Russia for about a year, but every prison in Russia has denied holding her. The location of this prison is unknown.

Her PTSD is triggered by loud sounds and constraints.

She enjoys the occasional drink or two and will become hostile if called an alcoholic.


Jane Doe is a member of the Supply Division. She was arrested on September 26, 2030 by Commander Ermolai Van Tonder after she attacked him and Commander Quinn Abrams, using the unconscious body of her associate Dana Ellis as a projectile weapon.