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Born in 2004 Gwen was born to an all-american family, Gwen was raised in Seattle where she lived with her mother, father and brother. Being the youngest in the family Gwen always looked to do something great, her brother Zach beat her to it as he joined the U.S. Army and became a ranger along with other assorted titles of bad assery. When The Event happened her mother Elena died of the subsequent radiation, though with the breakthrough of Reyes Mendoza's treatment the remaining Adrians could live without becoming radioactive green puddles of death.

After university Gwen joined Seattle's Paramedic team and worked in the city for years responding to death and despair and being a first responder to various violent and deadly scenarios. Scraping up bodies and dealing with the severely injured had damaged her psyche, though one day while browsing on the internet she found Caronix Co.'s ad for a better future and adventure. It was a change of pace she desperately needed and she took it, her father was happy though somewhat lonely since Zach wasn't around. Gwen sends some funds back every once in a while to make her father's life easier though he is still a practicing attorney for Seattle's Police Department.

Gwen maintains a spotty relationship with her brother who is often on 'missions.' The two don't talk as often as they should. Currently Gwen is suspended after Security Officer Veronica Sarno and her demented nose threw a wrench in her daily routine.


Gwen Adrians works in the Medical Division on Caronix-041. She is currently suspended, starting 10/17/30. On 11/01/30 she was reinstated.

Gwen died on December 12, 2030 by getting turned to dust because she insulted an Alien. Her ashen remains are currently in the possession of Niratrap Castor.