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Born in 1994 to the owners of Gardiner Manufacturing, who passed away in 1999. Inherited Gardiner Manufacturing in 2012. Switched to manufacturing oxygen converters in 2015 and entered Caronix Co. partnership in 2021.


Emilia Gardiner is the Supply Division Commander.


Emilia Gardiner, Caronix-041’s Supply Division Leader, is a talented leader with exceptional organizational and management skills. Having become the CEO of Gardiner Manufacturing at a young age, her rags to riches story has proven her ability to rise to any challenge. Read on to learn more!

Emilia’s story began tragically, with her parents passing when she was just five years old. She wouldn’t let that stop her, though. Upon her eighteenth birthday, Commander Gardiner inherited her parents’ company, and in just three years, she turned the failing textile business into the ground breaking goliath it is today. When the rumors of Charybdis’ formation began circulating, Emilia Gardiner decided to shift the business’ focus to something that would help her fellow man – manufacturing the first ever Oxygen Converters! By recycling the Carbon Dioxide we breathe using advanced chemical conversion, Gardiner Manufacturing laid the groundwork for sustainable colonies on other planets.

Just one year after Caronix Co.’s founding, Gardiner Manufacturing and Caronix Co. formed an official partnership, purchasing exclusive rights to 12 Gardiner’s Oxygen Recyclers. Colonists can rest easy knowing there will never be a shortage of breathable air on Terric-041.

Caronix Co. is incredibly fortunate to have such an incredible individual volunteer for the Caronix-041 project, and look forward to all she and her 3 division will accomplish!