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Born 1986. Began pursuing a PhD in 2004. 2008 interned with her professor and was part of the team that discovered FTL travel. Married in 2009, had son Jackson in 2010 and Connor in 2012. Finishes her PhD in 2014 and hired by [REDACTED]. 2020 hired by Caronix Co.


Dove Smalls is the Science Division Commander.


Dove Smalls, Caronix-041’s Science Division Leader, is an extraordinary pioneer of her field. Having been part of the team that revolutionized faster than light travel, her knowledge and expertise will be indispensable for this mission. Read on to learn more!

When Commander Smalls began her internship for Professor Daniel Richman, she had no idea the incredible discovery her and the rest of her team would lay claim to. In 2008, Commander Smalls stood beside Richman as he announced on live television to the world that faster than light travel was possible. Her work was paramount to the discovery, and in the following years, the team worked tirelessly to perfect this technology to herald humanity to their new home.

Due to her research on that groundbreaking discovery, Caronix Co. knew that she would be a valuable asset to the Caronix-041 team and recruited Commander Smalls to the Eonerth Project. Her dedication and drive are something to behold, as she leaves behind two children to venture into the unknown. Caronix Co. is truly fortunate to have such a talented mind aboard Caronix-041 and look forward to all the new discoveries she and her division will find!