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Born in 1997. Parents passed in 2020, prompting Commander Varley to found the Winds of Unity Charybdis Relief Charity. Graduated with Master's in Psychology in 2021 and obtained PhD in 2028. Hired by Caronix Co. in 2028.


Daquan Varley is the Psych Division Commander.


Daquan Varley, the Pysch Division Commander, is a kindred soul that has a true passion for helping others. A visionary for change and healing, Commander Varley is a natural born leader. Read on to learn more!

Shortly after beginning his Doctorate in Psychology, tragedy struck the Varley family when Commander Varley's parents fell victim to one of the many hurricanes that ravaged the US in 2020 due to Charybdis' formation. Having seen first hand the devastation these catastrophic events had on his friends, family, and community, Commander Varley decided to open his heart and his practice with the Winds of Unity: Charybdis relief charity.

In addition to raising funds for those affected by the uncanny natural phenomena caused by the black hole, Commander Varley opened a free clinic, offering cost-free counseling for victims and their families as well. When Commander Varley finished his doctorate in 2028 and applied at Caronix Co., we knew he'd be just the person to support humanity throughout our mission. With such a drive for helping his fellow man, Caronix Co. knows that the Caronix-041 mission is in Commander Varley and his team's capable hands!