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Born 1977 and graduated with PhD in Astronomy in 2005. Hired by NASA in 2007. Discovered Charybdis formation in 2010. Married his wife Jemmy in 2012. Hired to Caronix Co. in 2022.


Charles Nicholson is the Navigation Division Commander.


Charles Nicholson, the Navigation Division Leader, is a name you may already be familiar with. This exceptional leader is often considered the face of interstellar colonization, and has achieved much in his long life. Read on to learn more!

Having graduated with a PhD in Astronomy in 2005, Commander Nicholson wasted no time in making history. Hired by NASA in 2007, Commander Nicholson was part of the team that made the first discovery of Charybdis’ formation. After Charybdis opened and began pulling the Earth closer, Commander Nicholson knew that something needed to be done to save humanity. He began campaigning for interstellar colonization, and has been doing his all to relay this message for the past 14 years.

With Caronix Co.’s dedication to the safety of all mankind, they knew Commander Nicholson was just the man for the job, and Charles joined the Caronix Co. team in 2022. When Caronix Co. decided to settle Terric-041, Commander Nicholson eagerly volunteered to lead the Navigation Division. Caronix Co. looks forward to the hard work and dedication we are sure to see from Commander Nicholson and his division!