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Born in 1997. Completed MBBS in 2018 and MS in General Surgery in 2021. Currently member of the Medical Division of the fist shutlle to Terric-041. Arth Agrawal's childhood was marked with profound childhood. Born to a drug-addicted dad and a schizophrenic mom, Arth's name rose to fame as a witness in the famous Agrawal vs The State when his father killed his mother when he was twelve. His dad succumbed to his injuries as a result of this ordeal He soon became a doctor. Seeking to get away from the abuse, Arth joined Doctors without Borders, seeking action in the Indo-Pakistan border. Soon after he travelled from place to place starting from Somalia to Syria, helping children there. Soon after the opening of the blackhole Charybdis, Arth jumped at the chance to join the first intergalactic colonization mission and joined the first team there.


Arth Agrawal works in the Medical Division.Since joining Caronix Co. Arth has undergone several bouts of depression followed by those of euphoria. His crude sense of humor and tendency to make mistakes while on the job has alienated him from several of his colleagues especially Dana Ellis. He has had several small strings of relationhips including Jane Doe (Rejection) Terry Jenkins (Death) Dove Smalls (Rejection) He has been plagued by dreams of the day of her mother’s death and of a certain female name Angela, about whom not much is known.

Here in Caronix, Arth has been recently dating Ellie Stull of the Engineering Division. He has lost his crude humor to be replaced by an innante nature to cry when scared, and the purported inability to make friends.

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