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Abers got straight A’s all throught out her highschool years. Around her graduation from college she had met Michelle, Abers would eventually marry Michelle and adopt a son. Abers had an office job as a supplier all throught college and medical school, any previous jobs before this consists of fast food chef, and shelf restocker at Walmart. She completed college at age 22 and went on to complete two years of medical school, at this time she started studying Astronomy.


Abers Estrella worked in the Psych Division on Caronix-041 until 11/05/2030, at which point she tragically met with what was described by Commander Van Tonder to Caronix HQ as 'A fatal workplace injury'

Actual cause of death was blood loss caused by a Vicurian attack sustained while on a rescue mission.

Abers wife, Maia Estrella, was unable to fulfill her contractual duty, and as such, has been unable to receive her financial compensation for her wife's demise.